About Thicker Than Water

What would you do if you suspected your brother was responsible for a hit and run which left a young mother dead?

When Rachel Andersson’s brother Bill turns up at her house drunk one evening after running over a deer, she helps clean his car in her driveway. Rachel is the news editor on a local newspaper and the following morning the newsroom is buzzing with news of a hit and run which has left local mother Linda Tate in intensive care. Rachel knows Linda so she takes the story to cover. When Linda dies of her injuries DI John Bergen is brought in to lead the investigation and is someone with whom Rachel shares a past.

The community is horrified by the hit and run and the newspaper revels in the crime. Rachel begins to doubt Bill’s story as he becomes increasingly evasive about his accident with the deer and the pressure on her slowly twists and builds

Long kept secrets are revealed and the circumstances leading to the accident gradually come to light making Rachel question whether she should draw so much strength from her family ties.

Thicker Than Water is a contemporary thriller exploring the damaging relationship between brother and sister. It is completed with a word count of 77,150 words and I am seeking representation.


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