Araminta Winter – Superhero

The tangy whiff of egg and cabbage wafting up into Araminta Winter’s bedroom first alerted her to the curious goings on next door.  She tried to ignore it.  She went back to doodling cartoons at the desk in her bedroom but another belch of foul air followed by a startled yelp persuaded her to put down the felt tip and peep out of the window which overlooked her own tidy back garden and gave a pretty good view of most of next door’s too (which was not quite as neat).

Titus Mighty had moved in next door with his mum only a few weeks ago but there was something odd about him.  He looked about her age but he didn’t play outside in his garden making a racket like ordinary boys, he always stuck very close to his mum and spent far too much time in the basement. It was from there that the curious smells were drifting.  She was suspicious.

It was only two weeks into the summer holidays and the heavy cloud of boredom was already descending.  None of her toys excited her, there was nothing she wanted to watch on the television and no one was around to play with.  The most interesting thing to happen so far was the discovery of three dead baby squirrels under a bush in the garden but after she had poked them with a stick her mum had shouted at her to stop as they were probably full of fleas.

Araminta never liked to use her superpowers unless it was a real emergency but the weird boy living next door making strange smells had perked up a dull morning and she was desperate to find out what was going on in that basement.

Ten year old superhero Araminta Winter has to take on Titus Mighty – a brilliant but evil scientist trapped inside the body of a small boy.  She must try and stop him when she discovers he is determined to take a terrible revenge on the children of the town after being horribly bullied at school.

Araminta Winter – Superhero is a children’s book for new readers aged between seven and nine. It has a word count of 13,700 and I am seeking representation.


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