This is me

I am a writer with two novels completed:  Thicker Than Water is a chick noir thriller exploring the relationship between a sister and her brother and Araminta Winter – Superhero is a children’s book for new readers aged seven to nine.  I am seeking representation for both these books and whilst I wait, work on my third A Dark Way Unknown is well underway.


I was living a very ordinary life with an impressive career in journalism and PR, husband, children, home in the suburbs, two cars in the drive and then over the course of five years this whole life slid away from me:  my father died at the age of 62, my marriage of 25 years collapsed, I had to return to work full time and have a nanny look after my children after freelancing at home around their school hours and then my mother died unexpectedly at the age of 65.

Most of the anchors that had kept me secure had gone. So I unhooked the final one and gave up my job to write a book.

I imagehad always written.  As a child I spent my pocket money on exercise books which I filled with stories and expected that when I grew up I would be an author. It was quite a surprise to discover that this hadn’t happened despite having a head full of stories which I consistently tried to shape into novels or screenplays. In (many, many) moments of frustration I attempted to give up writing altogether but this was never a successful strategy. As any writer knows, if a story is in there it will not stop whispering in your ear until it’s told.

Giving up a successful and well paid job was a bold move but I wanted to see if I could do it; if I gave myself the time and space to have a go at writing a book properly would I be good enough? I think I am and I am glad I had the courage to take that step.

I have resumed my career with energy and enthusiasm and feel I am a writer who is working whilst waiting to be published rather than someone who dreams of writing.



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